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 Performances will include both established artists and novice talent.  Established musicians, spoken work artists and headliners, however, the stage is also shared with up and coming talent who may have never had access to a mic and a stage.  Providing positive empowering vibrations via word with live dj transitions through the segments and live art takes place on the stage.    

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Cheyenne Avila


Cheyenne Avila is a Black and Mexican poet from Bellflower, CA. She has had poetry published in Crack the Spine and has had a nonfiction essay published in Prism Literary Magazine. She hopes to be able to use poetry to be a community organizer and to advocate for social justice for marginalized communities.

Regina Campos

@ Gawjuss.Gina

Hi! My Name is Regina Campos. I'm nondenominational ,  I am 16 years old, I am a Junior at Leuzinger, I plan on attending College and achieving my goal of getting my PhD in Psychology. I've started writing poetry since I was 12 and a majority of them are love poems. Other than poetry I love to read, dance, and painting.


I just wanted to say Thank You for this opportunity and I'm very elated to be able to do this. Have a Blessed Day


Respectfully, Regina Campos

William West


Willy West is a first generation Salvadorian American born and raised in Midtown Los Angeles, CA. He began writing poetry at the age of 14 while sitting in the back of classrooms. “Writing has always been the best way to help heal the heart and soul from many wounds”, says Willy West.


Today he not only writes poetry but has also began rapping reciting lyrics in both Spanish and English while audio engineering, producing, and mixing most of his content alone. He hopes to be able to give his people a voice in the world of hip hop. Most of his newer upcoming content will be in Spanish. Follow his journey. (@iamwillywest)



Astrid began writing short poems in 2014 after issues revolving her family, friends, school, and work took its toll and sent her into a deep depression. After two years of writing, Astrid decided to join the CSU Dominguez Hills poetry club and slam team, For the Love of Writing (F.L.O.W.).


F.L.O.W. exposed her to the realm of poetry through coaching, coordinating, and performing at open-mics and school events. Astrid later became president of the poetry club and captain of the slam team.


Since then, she has continued making appearances all over Southern California as a featured poet! Astrid serves her experiences as a reminder that we are not alone with our emotions by shedding light on issues revolving relationships, women, and politics.

Anontio Herron


A black and brown, Washington DC area born and raised with Memphis Tennessean and Central American roots, Antonio Herron has always felt like an outsider looking in. That’s certainly how he’s felt living out in LA for the past nine years-trying to find his niche as an artist amongst the many while just trying to pay his bills and maintain his sanity (history has shown us that process is quite difficult). Regardless of the many setbacks and seemingly endless life lessons, he continues to pursue his dream of being an unapologetically passionate artist, curating words to cultivate a better life for himself-and the many outsiders in society who have yet to feel included in the conversation of life.

Alex Grey


Eli Ross


Hello, my name is Haeli, but I prefer to go by Eli. I am a poet/writer and I attend Leuzinger High School in Lawndale, California. I want to excel in my writing more and take as many opportunities as I possibly can to do so and become a better writer.

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Kimberly Rodriguez


My name is Kimberly Rodriguez, oldest of four and first generation Mexican-American. I am a Spanglish speaking magick woman poet based in Oakland, California. I rely on the energies of my words to not only influence a positive force onto my own personal struggle with self love and “xingona-ness”  but also hope that it influences others to feel and know the power of themselves and the beauty they already carry. Through my journey of being first generation Mexican-American, I’ve seen the influence society has on our people. The neglecting, the racism, the un-acceptance. I as a writer, am trying to use my platform to point out those issues, and give a voice to our DREAMERS of this country.

Priestly Temple


Priestly Temple, a 22 year old Los Angeles native has been writing for as far back as she can remember. Growing up in a rather large family, Priestly found writing to be her outlet and sense of self. She is inspired by sound, spirituality, art, and love. Her biggest writing inspirations are Stevie Wonder, Shakespeare, Tupac Shakur, Lauryn Hill and her father (to name a few). Today, she resides in Mid-City, Los Angeles and walks in her purpose of writing, acting, and light work. " I don't write with the forced intent that other people will relate. I write to release myself. But that's one of the many the beauties of life, our souls all kind of organically connect. We're all so very different, but the same. So I never have worried if Jack nor Jill will relate to my writings because we're all one. When I write for me, I write for we. Unintentionally, naturally. "

Weapons of Mass Creation


Weapons of Mass Creation is a family collective dedicated to empowering communities through art. They strive to highlight the narratives and experiences of marginalized people and believe in the power of transforming trauma into music.

West Collective


WEST[CO]LLECTIVE is a Hip Hop/Neo Soul group based in Los Angeles, CA seeking to inspire others and create a positive impact on society through art. The collective consists of artists/producers, Adrienne Indigo, & WAVLNGTH. They will be releasing their very first EP “ELEVAT[ED]UCATION” in the Summer of 2018.

Myko Lyric


Myko Lyric is an mid-city Los Angeles native and recent graduate of NYU Tisch. Though she's spent most of her life being trained as a dancer, music has become an equally important outlet for to express herself and relate to others. She is currently recording her first musical project, scheduled to debut in May. Stay connected by following @mykolyric on all platforms, and enjoy this beautiful event!

Yesika Salgado




Hood Profet


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