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Some Red Carpet Action...

Our Advisor Alma received a call from her fellow UCLA Alumn Darran Matthews, owner of ADMP events. He was going to be working with "A Place Called Home" for their Celebrity fundraiser and thought it would be a great opportunity for Lets.Give to get involved and to support an amazing organization. It was within a week of time, in Hollywood and on a school night! Alma confirmed for the original count of 5 and it soon became 10. Well, in true lets.give form we made it happen. 7 sharply dressed Lets.Give members showed up and brought 3 new volunteers in tow, one eventually becoming part of our Executive Team.

We helped staff the event, by helping however needed. Brandon, Cristina, Hanna and Zoya announced celebrities onto the red carpet and maintained the social media presence. Carina and Essai directed the entourages with Bri & Caroline, while Josh and Naomie signed in guests and greeted entourages. The night was amazing. We wanted to look good but still represent LETS.GIVE so Naomie handmade pins for everyone to wear throughout the night. Everyone loved them and a celebrity asked Naomie for hers and wore it on the red carpet as she was interviewed. Darran introduced our organization to the media and just like that, we were able to support another non-profit, have fun, and gain exposure.

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