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Our First Event - "Blankies & Sammiches"

Blankies & Sammiches: We had only had one meeting at this point but were extremely eager to DO SOMETHING! Not to just talk about it but to make something happen. With two weeks of planning we took an ambitious stab at delivering food to the homeless, set a date and tested our commitment to the cause. We asked every member to bring two volunteers, collect blankets and a particular set of donations to make "sammiches"...AND EVERY SINGLE MEMBER DID THAT AND SO MUCH MORE!

Someone came up with the idea to solicit outside of grocery stores...and so our illegal activities began. We are in fact a grassroots organization, which to us means, we'll work through obstacles without permission to make shit happen. So we stood outside of Costco and Vons and got kicked out of both...but not before accepting brand new blankets, cheese, bread, and entire TURKEY?? and string beans?? which was fine - we made over 100 turkey salad sammiches with that donation. Donations continued to come in and most of our homes began to not have enough room to store the goods.

We made over 400 sammiches, distributed over 300 Blankets & Coats with 47 volunteers. We didn't simply drop things off at a shelter, we personally distributed the lunch packages by driving through neighborhoods of skid row and were able to touch, love & give. We were excited to see how everyone from different cities, schools, come together and be so generous & loving. We piled up all the lunch bags & clothing into our cars with help of a couple of parents and friends...and delivered. More pics in our gallery and insta @lets.give

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