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Killer Collabs!

What we learned very early on is that partnerships and collaborations are EVERYTHING! It's part of building "Community." Like minds, like hearts...connected spirits. We'd been working with Breathe Love since the beginning, Troy & Shelly both close friends of our Advisor and President became a staple at our events and his van became our uber that blasted all the best hip hop & illegally transported the children in the back. Breathe Love is like our God Parent and we are so thankful. As our presence continued to grow both in social media and in the community...our partnerships developed & we've met some amazing people.

HAV-A-SOLE - two cool guys who rock the freshest kicks, enter dance battles and spread love one "sole" at a time. We met them through our friend Ed, owner of Buffalo Wild Wings. He had done a fundraiser with them and suggested we connect. After reaching out to them via instagram, we found out about their next event and asked Rikki if we could provide the "Man/Woman" power. We joined Hav-A-Sole and other orgs for a street sweep, followed by the highlight of our day a "Street Store" where they distributed over 100 pairs of shoes to those in need. We were there to service them and we loved every minute of it. Rikki and Dash were so amazing and inspiring to the LG Team. We can't wait to continue to support their efforts.

ADMP Events - Darran Mathews owner of ADMP events was a part of our President Naomies life since she was 3. Naomie assisted in the Bunche Scholarship Committee meetings that he was a part of for over 11 years. When Darran heard about Lets.Give his handsome smile spread and heart opened for the purpose. While conducting his business, he always kept Lets.Give in mind. Presenting our amazing red carpet event to us & showcasing the organization to the media. As he booked his next event, again he called on us to support the guests who wanted to do a good deed & donate clothes. Calling upon his brother to print our tshirts and donate them to us, to ensure we were picture ready, we know there's no mountain he wont move for us.

Alleviate Skidrow - As our instagram presence grew we were followed by a group called "Alleviate Skidrow," we of course followed back. After seeing their pictures we slid into their DM's and asked if they'd ever like to do something together. Noel the ever professional quickly emailed us his amazing blog, a brief bio of him and his amazing relationship with his mentee Gio. Noel had been guiding Gio for 5 years and was getting him ready to start the college application process. Two guys from Hawthorne & demonstrating heart to the community...definitely right up our alley. Already planning our next skid row food delivery - the partnership continues.

We're expecting many more relationships to bloom, connections to transcend and we're very excited to see what more building a community can do for our people. #Breathelove #havasole #alleviateskidrow #admpevents #Letsgive

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