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#LetsSammich + Breathe Love

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

It was our President Diego's Birthday party, where 70% of the LG Team was celebrating in their best Kanye-esque attire and a call came in from Breathe Love. They had received a late call themselves from a local organization who had food for about 200 and were not going to be able to make the delivery. They asked if LG might be interested in collaborating with them and making a quick drop off the next morning.

Per habit, we said yes, not knowing who would be able to come or how they'd get there. Morning came and we posted on IG saying we needed help around 8am. The volunteers would need to be at Naomie's house by 9am. The calls started coming in, "I'll come" - "I'm in" - "On my way!" We even had to turn several away. We rock. Ubers were sent to pick up, we crammed a party of 6 in Naomies' moms 5 passenger Jetta, made a Jack in the Box run and arrived at Troy's. Sleep deprived and ready to work.

Originally we had been told that the care packages would be complete but they weren't. We began the sandwich making, with Erykah Badu playing in the background. A toast was made to love, spiritual conversations filled the room, indigenous history was discussed & healthy minds explored...and off we went to skid row. We fed over 200 people that day. First time being in that area for most of the team, we blasted Michael Jackson and Whitney in the car, while Troy's van illegally transported 3. Met the people, connected, and provided smiles.

We distributed water, sandwiches, chips and cookies. We prayed and stood in our purpose, half asleep, giving generously. #breathelove #letsgive

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