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#WeAreFlint #LetsTaco

That rhythm and tempo keeping up with our own success continued to be a struggle. It was week two of February and we still didn't have our February event locked in. Our spirit however never ever wavered, we believed in ourselves and each other all the time! We had discussed doing "something" to support our crisis in Flint, Michigan. Alma our advisor had asked us to do some research on the cause and we all stood strongly behind the effort. We teamed up with Breathe Love and Do Good LA and set up a Gofundme to get a buzz going but the event was still to be our meeting we decided to say fuck it and go for it! We were going to Lets.Taco, after Carina came up with the name Lets.Paint in a fun brainstorming session (half kidding), we figured we'd make it a staple of sorts. Chloe and Brandon were our leads...and off we taco...

Grassroots Way of Working

So back to our grassroots mentality, we didn't do permits or licenses, Naomie walked up to a bank and asked permission to use their lot and walked up to a police officer and asked if he'd shut us down if we perhaps sold tacos on the corner, so we had enough "ok's" to feel comfortable & go for it. Diego booked the Taco Man, handled the details and everyone began to push the social media buzz. We asked everyone to bring one volunteer and a case of soda. Hanna, Caroline, Bri, Kaitlyn made baked good, Khayra and Naomie made patches and family, friends and innocent drivers who were minding their business showed up! Families brought tables and chairs from their yards and we were able to lock in KDAY to give away free concert tickets, t-shirts and provide music for the day. In total we raised over $2,500 for Flint Michigan.

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The night before about 10 of us got together, moved her furniture to the balcony, blasted Kanye and made posters for our big day.

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