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Food & Retail

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Supporting small businesses is integral to the Lets.Give values.  We've created a diverse pop-up shop lane where local vendors can sell their goods, creations with no fees.  They can broaden their network and ideally grow their business through community support.

Ahliyah Crafts

Sandra Ramirez @Ahliyah_Crafts

Ahlliyah Crafts is ran by a 24 year old mujer born and raised in Los Angeles. The shop focuses around celebrating her love for food and Mexican background through various artistic mediums.

Christina García


My name is Christina garcia and I am the proud owner of Pristine Boutique. Pristine Boutique is my baby aside my career as a case manager/ family advocate for a non profit Headstart. I began my business due to me not liking many plus size styles out there for me. So I launched Pristine Boutique back in 2015. Slowly but surely I am gaining more experience and am able to provide my customers with unapologetic  plus size clothing. Through my business I launched my body positive campaign "Love Your Lonjas" i hope to reach those who are having a hard time accepting their bodies because of society's "norms". It is important for me that when a customer shops with me they feel empowered through their outfits and feel that they can take over the world. Which ties it back to my Boutique name "Pristine", in its original condition, unspoiled or uncorrupted by society.


Agyei Graham @ancestralalkhemi

Greetings my name is Agyei with ancestralalkhemi. My healing crystals branch focuses on creating artifacts which combine healing stones with natural metals to be worn as jewelry or used in ceremonies. Each stone has metaphysical properties that realign the energetic bodies. Pieces include pendants, rings, bracelets wands and crowns. Custom work also available.

LA Fotografa

Brittanie Renoj @thelafotografa

LA Fotografa is a movement and brand of Los Angeles Fashion + Lifestyle Photographer, Brittanie Renoj. Since 2015, LA Fotografa has breaks down the barriers that society has set on body image & beauty in general. In order to break down these barriers, LA Fotografa works with clients from all walks of life and follows a zero tolerance rule of no retouching to models (under any circumstances) to set a new standard in fashion and beauty.

Rebecca Gonzales

@kalypsothepoet @blacksheep_binding

I am a self taught book binder by way of poetry, from East LA.  I started making hand bound journals for myself when I no longer agreed with the price for a cheap machine made journal from the store.  I began binding books over three years ago, as a hobby, and I got really into it, after two years of working alone I decided to look for a teacher... in 2017 I began an apprenticeship with a master binder in Hollywood and have continued to bind journals and strengthen my knowledge and skills in book arts.  You can find my work on instagram



A familia creating and crafting culturally inspired handmade jewerly y accesorios.

Hecho a mano con amor!

Laura Hasbun


Tres Mil Besos is herbal medicine blowing kisses of ancestral knowledge to those who need it most. To this day the lingering traumas from these stolen lands continue to impede our journey towards healing. The yerbitas in each bottle are intentionally picked and blended with amor y ceremonia to help them find their way to the special person it was meant for, you! We ask that you open your heart to receive the tres mil besos waiting from within.

Jhoe Virago


Jhamana Creer (Jhoe Virago) is a published author, blogger, poet and screenwriter. She graduated from University of Phoenix with a Bachelors in Human services, ready to change the world as a therapist. After deciding that the office was no place for her, she began to use her love of writing and life story to inspire others. She published her own poetry book titled D.C.F.S Delicately Caring for Savages, which consists of heart wrenching poetry she wrote as a young teen in the foster care system. These poems saved her life. Jhoe is motivated by the thought of bringing laughter, love and positivity into the world and keeping everyone’s spirit lifted! Keep it Vertical.

Hoops N' Glitz

Salma Morales @salmaglitz

My name is Salma Morales Aguilar, I am an undocumented indigenous women from Oaxaca, Mexico living in Los Angeles. Raised in Mid-City L.A. I currently attend Santa Monica College as a sociology major. I am a student organizer and a human rights activist. My work is centered around the undocumented and formerly incarcerated community as I run a club on campus named the Homegirl Homeboy Scholars which advocates and outreaches to formerly incarcerated and first generation students. My goal for the future is to start my own non-profit organization for youth and to be an educator. I started my business as a tool to save for Grad school and because I love hoops and wanted to add my own style to them.

Amazing Existence

Najeeba @Amazingexistence

I'm a visual Artist. I design jewelry and purses.

Candy’s Kloset


Candy's Kloset creates accessories that are influenced by different sources, like music, nature, film, comics, social justice, and especially Latinx culture. Created by  Jeanette Castro, a broke college student with an obsession with skulls and flowers , it was made to be affordable to anyone trying to sweeten up any outfit.

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