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This space is for the creative mind to manifest through color and vibrancy of visual stimulation. A landmark corridor which will house over 30 visual artists gifts via limitless forms of expression. Here at no cost to them, they can share their visions with others, sell their work and gather with like minds, while soulful rhythms play in the background for a complete experience.

Jose "LaLo" Garcia Jr

I'm a Los Angeles Mexican/American Photographer, Filmmaker. Born and raised in Los Angeles

As a young man in the 1990’s I fell in love with my City of Los  Angeles, especially the places my Father used to take Me and My Family when I was a kid, Downtown LA in the 1970’s. In 1993 I discovered my passion for photography, I bought a used  TopCon Vintage Japanese 35mm photo camera and an 8mm Vintage movie camera, I started teaching myself to photograph images on black and white film and shoot short films. Then I studied Photography, Cinema, Acting, and Screenwriting at Santa Monica College and Filmmaking/Cinema Production at Los Angeles City College.


Shelley Bruce

A 2011 graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with two degrees in Ethnic Studies and Art, downtown Pomona’s Arts Colony has provided a platform for Shelley to explore various forms of expression. She has featured poetry at numerous shows, curated and organized events geared towards social activism, but most notably has traveled to Washington DC, New York, Ghana, The UK, and Bermuda sharing her painting. Live painting is what she is inspired by most, creating art for audiences of weddings, university programs, concerts and more.

Currently Shelley is pursuing her visual art career with a focus on conceptual painting, spoken word poetry, spirituality and community engagement.

Alfonso Gomez

My name is Alfonso Gomez, I was born in Mexico in 1978 and arrived here in the US in 1980. I’ve always been inspired by the chicano culture since I was a kid , specially when I would watch chican movies on TV. I’ve only been doing photography for two years , I was homeless for 5 years , but during that time my heart and eyes were opened to truth in the street. Now I’m happy to say that I am no longer homeless and now I can inspire and motivate others through my photography and my words , in their hard times. I hope you enjoy my photography that acknowledges pachuchismo and the chicano low riders scene. You can address me as him, he or El , no worries.


D. Hawley Bey

I’m a self-taught artist born in Long Beach CA. My artwork stems from my love for cartoons / animation, my spiritual journey, and the art is meant to spark healing as well as lessons of life. There is a great importance of expressing / channeling artwork whether it reflects the times we live in or shows how wild an imagination can get. Sub-conscious activity and life experience are heavy influences in an artist's way of communicating to the audience; I feel that when we create, we’re holding space for each other’s own introspection, life questions, and self-expression and that is why I am an artist.


Humberto Hueso

Who I am is a question I ask myself a lot but lately,I have come to value myself the way that I am. I acknowledge the fact I am a youthful, talented, gay Latino artist that has evolved and learned from many of my life experiences. Situations which are both easy and tough simultaneously, and I am finally ready to share what I've learned through my experiences. I will continue to learn throughout my journey amongst the world. Via my art I express the view for people to recognize there is always a bright light at the end of every shady tunnel, no matter how dark it may seem. Growing up in a family of a  single mother, I told myself this habitually, I realized that the law of life is perseverance. This type of attitude is key because when things seem the toughest is actually when we should apply the best we can. Considering that no matter any kind of circumstance that we are put under we can get through it, as the powerful humans we are! I am an artist because I love being able to deliberately paint with positive intention and messages to contribute out into society. To enlighten and spread positivity to people and the world.and I love doing it in a way where people can find these messages through symbols and drawings I paint and people can use their mind and intuition, It's another way were humans can share their thoughts and perspectives of the world I also see it as a way of communication through our imagination. Overall I feel like art is one of the many ways i can give back to the world and spread positivity and love.



BLAK KANVAS encompasses many mediums within visual and performing arts. Specializing in live contemporary and abstract paintings, Blak Kanvas aids in the chaotic solemn of abstract expressions and at times detailed minimalism. Oil markers are often used to inscribe affirmations of love, freedom, strength, & more notably the phrase, “Shift Happens”.

The ultimate goal as a live painter is to create behind popular artists of all mediums. Musical artists such as Sega Misfit have allowed her to paint alongside them and a plethora of community events such as The Intersection Art Party notably hosted and curated by Kamil Oshundara. In addition to, set design is also a point of interest as a series of paintings were recently installed on the set of Giants for their second season via Issa Rae's YouTube Channel.


Dezeria Hernandez

My name is Dezerai but I go by Dez or Dezlasoul. I am a 25y/o artist from Los Angeles & I’ve been an artist since elementary. When I was a little girl I started taking interest with poetry. So I started writing daily and eventually started writing songs. I grew up around a very musically and artistic family so I knew I had a passion in me waiting to come out. As I grew older my mind needed another way to express, with no drawing experience or knowledge I never attempted to paint because I thought I wasn’t talented enough but it took years of depression to make me realize that talent has nothing to do with it, it’s all passion. My painting life started with a random rush coming home from work. Stopped by the store, picked up a canvas and paint, and I’ve been painting ever since. My medium is mainly acrylic on canvas, but as my passion grows so does my creativity, now I Paint on anything I can get my hands on from bags, to mirrors, to murals, to records, to wood, etc. and about 95% of all my creations are freestyle. With my painting journey bring myself back to life I was motivated to give back to all artists in the community so I created a movement called Creatizm, a community collective which rebirths the appreciation for art and decolonizes the new expectations of art and presenting it to the world. Art has given me a new meaning to life, I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for painting, which is why I want to appreciate my art as much as possible. These are my battle scars on canvas, and they mean everything to me. I don’t care at all for talent, it’s the passion that keeps me going and I will forever create because that’s what life is about. We are creations ourselves so it is up to us to keep creating, no matter what it be.


Ivonne Flores

My name is Ivonne Flores and Im 24 years old. I recently graduated and received my bachelors in psychology. Even though I’m proud and thankful to have had the privilege to get an education, I never felt a connection in these spaces.

After I graduated I decided to begin to explore a more artistic path. The reason I decided to do this is because I knew it would be more fulfilling and I would be able to represent all my ideas/perspectives through my work. It’s something I had a hard time doing in a academic setting. I want to use my photography, poetry and eventually music to empower people of color but especially mujeres. I want to help to create more spaces where mujeres like me can feel free and empowered.


J. Carter AKA CreatiVisionarieZ

My name is J.Carter and I’m an artist because I am passionate about all things creative. I believe the arts can be a gateway to change on a societal level. I am a creative, meaning i don’t define myself to one art genre. I am a photographer, painter, sketch artist, and musician.


Tyler Faye

My name is Tyler Faye, I am an entrepreneur, model, and artist. I'm the founder of Unidentifiable Creative, a creative agency that specializes in the branding and management of artist. I believe that creative is an intrinsic motivation for everyone, and providing platforms and outlets for creative means in a society like ours is important. The particular mediums I find most expressive are poetry, painting, film, and photography. Also working as a Creative Director, I curate sets and spaces that promote innovation, uniqueness, and collaboration. Creativity is my means of connecting with God and my spirituality. Being an artist allows me to live in a way that seems truest to myself.


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Melisa Alonzo

Hello I am Melisa Alonzo and I am a pop surrealism painter. My painting journey started ever since I found out I could make art with my mom’s makeup and use them to paint on paper and walls. Every painting has been created from my heart and comes intuitively. My initial art collection began with unconsciously painting my introverted emotions. Feelings that were beyond my understanding then somehow manifested as more spiritual, healing, and cosmic art works. The selected pieces convey my journey as a reiki practitioner which shows my femmine growth, my own healings, and walking through my own shadows in a pop surrealism style. This is also portrayed through common characters such as bunnies, kitties, outer space, weapons, ghost and robots. An emotional fantasy world that lives and hides in my awaken mind are the stories that my paintings emute.


Glenda Hernandez

Being a Mexican immigrant has really been a giant part of who I am as an artist and human being. I came to the US at the tender age of 2 months, I never knew what Mexico was from firsthand experience because I was still just an infant. All I knew were my family’s traditions and the settings I lived around in south central LA. I was only a few miles away from the place I once lived, seeing those giant mountains that ran across from my Paramount all the way to I was born, Tecate, BC. After moving to Miami at the age of 7, I started becoming to feel out of place and homesick of the mountains I used to always see. It was a giant withdraw feeling that I always dreamt and remembered about. At the last two years at high school, I began to betray my homesick feelings I had for my culture and the landscape I used to love. Unraveling the many forms of alienation and discomfort of where I was compared to where I wish I was. The cacti, desert, mountains, they began to be more than just a place I lived and more of who I was as an immigrant in the US. Cacti since we as people are able to still grow and thrive in abundance in such harsh environments having to deal with poverty, racism, and etc. Mountains, a landscape that runs through California all the way to Mexico, just like we still have an everlasting connection to our motherland. The desert, it was the harsh environment that I recognized Tecate to be from the mouths of my parents and family members. My family member’s portraits, reflects on the diversity of what modern Mexico is as of now showing the similarities but differences. Being an artist has helped more than just being creative, it is an output to speak about my best and myself all in one. I can express my feelings and concerns in ways that people can either relate or reflect.


Krista Parada

Having to take a moment to ask yourself, “Who am I”, is quite daunting. But it's a question we ask ourselves constantly and yet sometimes we have no definite answer. What I do know about the woman I am is that I am a warrior. I am a lover. I am a protector. I am a healer and nurturer. I am the result of all the struggles that my ancestors went through and fought for. I am so many things, as all of us are. I am constantly learning about the woman I am, and anticipate the woman I will become. I am an artist because of all the factors I stated previously. I share who I am through my art. Whether that be the heartache, anger, frustration, happiness, or self-love I feel at the time. When I create I share a part of myself in each piece, and when I display them for those to see I hope that it somehow touches someone’s soul. I choose to be an artist because I enjoy connecting with others by showing my vulnerability through my paintings.


Cecilia Serna


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