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Redefining Excellence, Success and Community Investment

An innovative approach to driving a change in the standard narrative of education.

Many of us grow up with limited resources and limited options. We have been conditioned to believe that education only comes in one form, that success only has one aesthetic and "making it" only has one road. We want to decolonize and challenge the social structure that has been imposed in our communities and has influenced an oppressive way of thinking and supporting those in need. 

About this Scholarship

NO GPA Requirement - NO Formal Institutional Requirement -



All donors are LA natives, we've lived on the block, we support the neighborhood & are connected to the movement. All criteria have been agreed upon & the recipient will be selected by a hand-chosen committee of donors & community leaders. The number of recipients will be based on the size of the fund. The current amount is $1,500. Each year the fund will be given in its entirety. Email if you'd like to donate to this fund.


  • POC resident of Los Angeles and surrounding cities


  • Applying/admitted into ANY form of furthering education. ANY form.

  • Has financial need

  • Payment will be made directly to the program of choice.

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the form by the deadline September 30

  2. Attend an in-person meet and greet

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