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Get Ready to Vote!

Written by Vandalena and Morenita

These elections are extremely important and it's time to make our voices heard!

Here is our most simplified explanation on the California propositions. In no way are we telling you what to vote for, just explaining what it means to vote "yes" or "no". For more information and sources are as follows:





  1. Find your polling place. (click the link and type in your address to find yours)

  2. Plan what time you'll vote and if you're going alone, with friends, or with family.

  3. Share photos of you voting to inspire others to do the same and tag @lets.give or #letsgive

*REMINDERYour job has to give you time off to vote!! It's the law! You're able to receive 2 hours at the beginning or at the end of your day to handle your civic responsibility! They also have to post a notice in the workplace advising you. Bloop!

Prop 1$4million governmental bonds for veterans housing.

Yes - to allowing 4 mill to government bonds for vet housing.

No - Increased state cost to repay bonds that averages $170 million annually over the next 35 years

Prop 2Utilizing bonds for mental health housing needs (existing funds)

Yes - would allow, existing funds, to governmental bonds for for homelessness prevention housing for persons in need of mental health services.

No - use of existing county mental health funds will go to future court decisions

Prop 3Public water project .. funding infrastructure for big agriculture

Yes - A "yes" vote supports this measure to authorize $8.877 billion in general obligation bonds for water infrastructure, groundwater supplies and storage, surface water storage and dam repairs, watershed and fisheries improvements, and habitat protection and restoration.

No - state could not sell 8.9 billion in general obligation bonds to fund water projects

Prop 4Bonds for private children’s hospitals

Yes - vote on this measure means: The state could sell $1.5 billion in general obligation bonds for the construction, expansion, renovation, and equipping of certain hospitals that treat children.

No - state could not sell 1.5 billion… stays the same.

Prop 5Allowing elderly people (55+) and disabled people to move into luxurious homes but pay the same amount they pay on their already less expensive homes

Yes - All homeowners who are over 55 (or who meet other qualifications) would be eligible for property tax savings when they move to a different home.

No - Only “certain” “eligible” homeowners over 55 would CONTINUE to be eligible for property tax savings.

Prop 6No gas tax

Yes - Fuel and vehicle taxes recently passed by the Legislature would be eliminated, which would reduce funding for highway and road maintenance and repairs, as well as transit programs.

No - keeps in place the fuel tax increases and vehicle fees that were enacted in 2017; also allows the state legislature to continue to impose, increase or extend fuel taxes or vehicle fees without voter approval

Prop 7All year daylight savings

Yes -year round daylight savings

No - maintain current daylight saving time

Prop 8Dialysis clinics to refund money to patients paying over 115% of average treatment cost

Yes - Dialysis clinics wouldn't have to improve the quality of their facilities

No - Kidney dialysis clinics would not have their revenues limited by a formula and would not be required to pay rebates.

Prop 10Rent control

Yes - State law would not limit the kinds of rent control laws cities and counties could have.

No - State law would continue to limit the kinds of rent control laws cities and counties could have.

Prop 11Make paramedics be on call during lunch hours and breaks

Yes - allowing ambulance providers to require workers to remain on-call during breaks paid at their regular rate; requiring employers to provide additional training for EMTs and paramedics; and requiring employers to provide EMTs and paramedics with some paid mental health services.

No - Private ambulance companies would be subject to labor laws for this industry. EMTs and paramedics with off-duty meal and rest breaks that cannot be interrupted by a 911 call.

Prop 12

Bigger cages for animals

Yes - There would be new minimum requirements on farmers to provide more space for egg-laying hens, breeding pigs, and calves raised for veal. California businesses would be banned from selling eggs or uncooked pork or veal that came from animals housed in ways that did not meet these requirements.

No - Current minimum space requirements for confining egg-laying hens, pregnant pigs, and calves raised for veal would continue to apply. Current ban on businesses in California selling eggs not meeting these space requirements for hens would remain in effect.

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